Saturday 30 June 2018

Armed Forces Day

Goudhurst — 24 June 2017

Armed Forces Commemorative and Celebratory Event

2:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Cranbrook TN17 1AD

This event is being held to enable members of the club to share with others their experiences of being in the Armed Forces, and to spend time with those they shared their service time with and their families. It will also enable people who are in the local cadet service to spend time with those who have served before them. We have invited our local history society who have spent much time researching how the village was effected (in personal and geographical terms) during the First World War. Also, the local branch of the British Legion will be joining us. We are in contact with the local army cadets, with the hope that they will be able to join us and share some displays with us. We have historic military vehicles attending so as to help educate younger people as to the experiences and workings of the Armed Forces. We are a small village community and will be having a BBQ to help to bring people together during the daytime, as well as children’s activities and educational stands including people sharing their experiences of national services and their time in the Armed Forces. We also have arranged evening entertainment with a band playing music from the 1930s and 1940s. The event will be held in the village social club, which was originally formed 98 years ago as the ex-comrades’ club, a group of ex-servicemen who joined together to form supportive networks for each other. This was a year prior to the British Legion being formed. The club remained as the ex-comrades’ club but later became the ex-servicemen’s club. As we live in a rural area, a few years ago we had to change the name of the organisation to a ‘social club’ in order to enable membership and use to generate sufficient income to keep the organisation going. This said, all the accounts are still in the name of Goudhurst Ex Servicemens club. All members are aware of the origin of the club and that most members are former service personnel or their family.

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