Saturday 26 June 2021

Armed Forces Day

Doncaster — 26 June 2021

Armed Forces day -Memories of war in colour

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

This is an art and creativity event. We will invite veterans in the local Doncaster area to join us for a memories day at the art gallery for a creative art session. During the day, we will introduce the veterans to different forms of art and they will be tasked to create a piece of art, a painting based on their memories of the war they fought in. The idea is to paint a picture in colour, depicting their lived war experiences. Each veteran will be give a 60×80 canvas and a set of paints and brushes, and working with our artists, they will try and recreate some of the memories and experiences of their war time years on canvas. One week later, the work they created will be exhibited in our gallery, and they will be invited back along with their families and friends and the general public, to see the works and to discuss how their memories are translated into colour and image. It will be a very powerful experience for everyone