Saturday 27 June 2020

Armed Forces Day

Spalding — 23 June 2020


10:00 am to 2:00 pm

The Armed Forces Parade Celebration will aim to raise awareness of local Armed Forces in our area by celebrating the impact it has on the community and beyond. It will give the community a greater understanding of our local Armed Forces in South Holland and it will give the general public an opportunity to meet and greet many of the local Veterans from surrounding areas. This event will work in conjunction with many of the local Armed Force organisations in the community such as the Royal Navy Association, Royal British Legion and SSAFA. As the Armed Forces Community has been hidden in rural areas of South Holland, this event will strengthen ties between members of the Armed Forces and the wider community and build new ties across cultures and generations. It will begin with a meet and greet with local Veterans, many will be interviewed by journalists from the local press, so they can help to share their stories. We will then ‘muster’ in Hall Place and march to Market Place where we will hold a service, sing, have entertainment and celebrate together as a community in our town. Tuesday’s in Spalding is Market Day which is why we have chosen to have it on this day, everyone in our community will be able to join in, giving time for us all to come together and celebrate the Armed Forces Day Parade Celebrations. A flypast will be organised which will give so much pleasure for not only the Armed Forces, Veterans, Cadets but everyone in our community who attend our celebration. Many local young people will be invited to join us, such as, the Mini Police, local schools, cadets to name a few. After the service we will march to St. Mary’s & St. Nicolas church where we will have some refreshments and entertainment from schools, plus readings, poems from a young group of students who are learning about the war, Veterans and what happened all those years ago. This event is for the whole community to come together and to join in the Celebration of the Armed Forces Day Parade Celebrations. The Armed Forces is often a hidden community in rural areas of South Holland and their experiences are not well documented, this event will give the community an opportunity to say thank you to the Armed Forces coinciding with Armed Forces Day.