Saturday 29 June 2019

Armed Forces Day

Harlow — 7 July 2019

Armed Forces Fun Day & Community Walk

10:00 am to 3:00 pm

The one-day annual event focuses on celebrating the diverse groups and classes of people within the town.
It demonstrates various cultures and offers an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to come together and share ideas, network and engage in a range of fun related activities that seeks to promote healthy cordial communities.

It equally presents an educational insight, experience and interaction for the youth to learn, identify and appreciate others.

Some of the main objectives include:
a. Provide a platform for bringing people together to share manifold ideas, form connections and engage in a series of mutually beneficial activities.

b. Strengthen and contribute to a socio cultural ethos of a community where people from all backgrounds feel they all belong and can come together to a share a sense of belonging.

c. Provide an educational interaction and experience for children to learn, identify and appreciate other nationalities through a feeling of shared historical moments.

d. Create an opportunity for people to display their rich multicultural lifestyles through music, dance, clothing, art, crafts and most importantly food.

e. Establish closer relations and ties with other community groups to build on and improve communication among locals.

f. Provide opportunities for local people to make a positive contribution towards their community by acting as volunteers, exhibitors or performers at our events.

g. Provide an opportunity for food sampling/tasting to help break barriers and change general perceptions of other cultures and countries.

h. The project is committed to promoting the social, cultural and economic benefits of cultural diversity in the town by fostering the spirit of participation across the community for locals to come together and embrace our vibrant multicultural diversity in the town.

i. To showcase the vibrancy of multiculturalism through the celebration of nationalities that encourage participation of the whole community.

l. To build the capacity and experience of smaller or newer groups to deliver events through the development of genuine partnerships.