Saturday 26 June 2021

Armed Forces Day

Brighton — 19 June 2021

BF Gibraltar Armed Forces Day 21

9:00 am to 11:00 pm

Firstly please excuse the use of STRATCOM as the registration address as it was the only way I could submit the entry.

On behalf of Commander British Forces Gibraltar (STRATCOM TLB) I am wishing to register an AFD21 event for the service personnel of BF Gibraltar. Our aspiration is to hold a major event (GoG Covid 19 permitting) in the HMNB Gibraltar and Town. Based briefly around a Ceremonial parade of troops, into a Community open event for the service person, their dependants and local population. It is hoped that as the territory moves out of the current CV-19 space, we wish to celebrate the efforts of the Armed Forces with backing and support from The Government of Gibraltar and the His Excellency the Governor of Gibraltar, Vice Admiral Sir David Steel KBC DL. We will be looking for approval to conduct the event under AFD21 umbrella on Sat 19th Jun 2021. We may also be submitting a request for your financial support to help put the event on.

I would like to make contact with a member of your team to discuss the event in further detail if at all possible?

Yours sincerely
WO1 Mac McKenna
Command Warrant Officer
HQBF Gibraltar.