Saturday 29 June 2019

Armed Forces Day

Coventry — 29 June 2019


10:00 am to 10:00 pm

This day of June 29 is to celebrate the armed forces in its diversity. This day is to build relationships with these army corps to influence and promote the activities of these bodies for the safeguarding and defense of the national territory and if necessary the defense of the united nations. It is much more a cultural aspect that we want to emphasize here so that this day is really a day of recreation, leisure and relaxation by the organization of games, music, picnic and BBQ. We want to link this event and the settlement of the BAME as community which interact in the life of citizen without any corporation. The Armed Forces came from the different communities around the United Kingdom and we think celebrating together will contribute to love of the UK and all the people who lives in the UK whatever the background.
Its about bringing those people who helped to establish peace around the UK and the world by the UN.
This event is for the Armed Forces ( Veterans, Cadets, actuel serving personnel and their families) and the Congolese Community of Coventry.
On the day we intend to held many different activities to attract all the people who will come to enjoy the Armed Forces day event.
We expect to organise:
– Conference and testimonies of people who have deserved or who are still in the Armed Forces to inspire many others young people who can be motivated to follow their experiences;
– Parades of Veterans, Cadets and current personnel;
– Different game will be hosting like Football (Youth, young people and senior), Cycling around the Park, Armed Forces Equipment exposition and Cadets presentation;
– Picnic around a festive attitude Music and karaoke
– Popular dance to express the Armed Forces Day Event joy.