Saturday 27 June 2020

Armed Forces Day

Hull — 29 June 2019

De-Stress on Armed Forces Day

10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Prior to our event we will be visiting our local Veterans Hub in the city where we will be inviting the Veterans to take part in drawing exercises with Susan Feve entitled ‘My time in the forces’. The finished drawings will be exhibited in our studio for the week covering the Armed Forces Weekend and will provide excellent conversation starters at the event.
Prior to the exhibition we will also provide a live drawing session at our Artist workshop so the Veterans can gain any invaluable help and information on their drawings as well as providing further social opportunities to meet others from other veterans groups and discuss any wellbeing issues with Jenny Purdue – Positivity Coach. The Veterans will then have 2 weeks to submit their finished drawings (27th June) before they go on display. (28th June)
On the actual day (29th June) we will show a video wee made last year called Nostalgia, showing the Veterans from our event last year talking about their time since leaving the Armed Forces.
We will also provide an an old fashioned English Tea Party.
At the end of the exhibition, all drawings will be returned to the Veterans who drew them.