24 June 2023

Armed Forces Day

Manchester — 20 June–4 July 2023

Disability and Armed Forces Together

9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Riverpark Rd
Manchester M40 2XP

Dimobi is founded through own lived experiences of bringing up children with learning
disabilities and/or autism. Dimobi members are very aware of the impact of not receiving
timely support and how being isolated, or misinformed can negatively impact for many
years the whole quality of life for families.

We would like to create a musical dance production called WHO AM I (an Armer forces story of the peoples’ broken journies during the war) We are going to have workshops of dancing, drumming and music over 2 weeks. Food from different part of the world wil be shared to celebrate Armed forces day from multicultural communities.

Our target groups are neurodiverse people to take part in Armed forces activities they have never participated in before. People with learning difficulties or neurodiverse have never taken part in Armed forces activities because they lack experience, skills, and self-confidence.