Saturday 27 June 2020

Armed Forces Day

Sittingbourne — 29 June 2019

Inclusive Armed Forces Day

9:00 am to 6:00 pm

We hope mainly to achieve the overarching vision and mission of our charity, which is to promote community integration, inclusion and cohesion. The Armed Forces make up a good number of the multicultural United Kingdom and provide vital services to our communities and nation as a whole. Therefore, the Armed Forces need to be recognised and commended. Hence, as a charity with inclusive ethos, we plan to host on 29th June 2019, an intergenerational and family oriented BBQ at our community centre. This will incorporate families and community members coming together at our centre to share BBQ dishes, listen to some presentations from serving or retired member of the Armed Forces on the need to serve the Queen and country. This aspect is pertinent as we are working on increasing the awareness of our young people on different career pathways. Also, this event will have a celebratory aspect with music and dance. The highlight of the day will be six exhibition panels showcasing photographs of some local people past and present local people who served/ are serving their country in the different Armed Forces. Also, our Town Mayor will open and close the ceremony. Working with our the Sittingbourne and Milton branch of the Royal British Legion we will ensure that our event reaches a wide and diverse number of people.