24 June 2023

Armed Forces Day

Kempston — 22–24 June 2023

Marimba Esemble Armed Forces Celebrations

9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Bedford Rd
Bedford MK42 8PN

We would like to work with local school to provide their children to the Marimba ensemble for the Armed Forces.

Marimbas are great for coordination, crossing the mid-line, developing memory, and aural skills. They also encourage cooperation because band members must learn to give others space, wait their turn and understand what it means to be in a team.

Marimba for Armer forces celebration sis ideal because all these features form the fundamentals of African ‘musicking’ which focuses on inclusive, communal playing of beat-driven music. Because the instruments lend themselves to a musical philosophy that is rooted in Africa, they can be seen as an ideal way to diversify schools’ cultural programmes. First prize is to have enough instruments (and an appropriate venue) to use for general creative arts classes. However, a different set of Marimbas for all ages groups will be designed for the event for people too play simultatneosly. Marimba instruments is a good starting point to augment classroom work or to get an extra-curricular band up and running each year for Armed Forces days perfomances. As such can be blended with other types of instruments , dance and poetry. An investment in a set of marimbas is an investment in scores of pupils: because different learners can play the instruments in the course of the week and all benefit from them. It is not a matter of each learner needing an exclusive, and often expensive, instrument on which to practice.