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Armed Forces Day

Doha — 12 June 2015

Qatar UK Armed Forces Day

10:00 am to 5:00 pm
30 Ahmed BinTaymiya Street,
Al Rayyan

ENTRANCE for Armed Forces Day for the THIS Group and RNA: I have a full list of the group and am getting a list from the RNA.  You will not require your invitation but will require your Qatar I.D. to get in.  Your invite is for plus one and children.  The plus one is therefore your partner or guest (not both).  Unfortunately we are limited by spaces therefore please don’t invite your guests as they just won’t get in.  If you want to bring a friend’s kids then please do so.  There is no limit on children; PLEASE DONT INVITE ADDITIONAL GUESTS THEY WILL NOT GET IN.  If both you and your partner are both members of this group then you still only have ONE invite due to H&S regulations.

Start Time: The event officially starts at 1000am and the first 100 people will get a proper bacon bap; applies for Friday too.  It would be great if as many as possible could turn up earlier to help set up.

DJ Neilson will give a running commentary of the programme for the day as well as spin his wheels of tin.  The official speeches are at 1045am please be there, this is your event and you will glean a lot of information.

Lunch is free of charge.

ADULT SPORT (6 A SIDE FOOTBALL); Times between 1130am – 1430pm.  We already have a VETS team but the more the merrier, please bring your kit if you fancy a game; changing rooms available.  The ship is bringing a RN Team and the Air Force at Al-Udeid are providing a team.  It is a round robin of 5 mins each way.  At the moment we have no ref so might have to self regulate.  Points go towards the overall champions of Armed Forces Day.

Kids Sport Tournament: Times between 1430pm-1515pm; team consists of Leanne Stokes Mo Morris (ref) and Helen Waddingham.  Before each child enters they will need to state Army, RAF, Navy or VET as this will gain points towards the Armed Forces Day champions.  If they will not choose who they will be representing we shall nominate them as RAF.  Each child will get a certificate for taking part regardless.  Events are; Egg N Spoon Race, 100M run, Throw a wellie, Leapard Crawl and 3 legged race (with an adult partner).  Its fun and please play the game… the vets are going to win the trophy so we don’t have to buy a new one next year anyway.

Auction: ALL proceeds from the auction will go to our sponsored charity (Big Salute).  This is the ONLY charity for the day.  I/C of the charity is Chris Frazer.  We will have numerous collection buckets and tins knocking around as well as a couple of hundred Big Salute wristbands.  Some of the auction items will have a reserve price on them.  Once again, D.J. Neilson will compare the auction. Times approximate; 1600pm.

RAFFLE: At the moment we need to make £500 to break even for the event; we have loads of raffle items.  The raffle team consists of; Mandy and Stephen Parr as well as Darren Allport.  They will be annoying you all day for raffle ticket purchases.  DJ Neilson will compare and the raffle will start around 1530.  Some of the prizes are worth £1000 and the majority between £100 to £300.  Drink loads and dig deep shipmates!

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Thank you Lindsay Fulton and Linda Marriott (Neil).  This is really important for our groups profile.  We intend to publish post event articles in the Navy, RAF and Army news as well as the Embassy newsletter.  Please ensure you get some great group snaps and ensure you mention that their is a possibility the photos will be published.  If you could remember to gather everyone prior to the event closing for a group photo and some group kiddie snaps with their certificates that would be great.  We would also appreciate a E copy of the photos ASAP after the event as we need to get the articles out as soon as possible.  Maybe a ships Company photo and one for the RAF.  You will need to be a bit forceful and tell people what you want…….. i’ll stop ranting on now.

CLOSING SPEECHES: The Defence Attaché is going to give a closing speech and announce the winners of Armed Forces Day 2015.

YOURSELVES: You are required to bring along, big smiles and a helpful persona.  This is a big day for the group and there is a lot going on, please help each other out.

10:00 – UK Armed Forces Day event starts
10:00 – Bacon/Sausage baps to the first 100 guests
10:00 – 17:00 DJ Neilson hits the decks
10:30 – 16:00 Bouncy Castles available
10:30 – 16:00 Facepainting available
10:45 – 11:15 Official Opening Ceremony speeches
11:15 – Punch & Judy show
11:30 – 14:30 Sport tournament – Adults
11:30 – Raffle tickets on general sale
12:00 – 14:00 Lunch
13:30 – Punch & Judy show
14:30 – 15:15 Sport tournament – Kiddies
15:30 – Raffle
16:00 – Auction
16:30 – Closing speeches and inter services champions announced
17:00 – Armed Forces Day 2015 closes

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