Saturday 27 June 2020

Armed Forces Day

London — 29 June 2019

RESPECT! No peace, no security without our armed forces.

1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

We are a migrant organisation and part of a big umbrella organisation called Migrants Organise, located in the heart of Ladbroke Grove, and very close to the Grenfell Tower, where many of migrants lost their lives in a very sad fire in 2017.
This event is about bringing joy to the community while getting participants and attendees to come across a very important message: We should have respect for armed forces because we owe our security and peace to them. This means we will have to make sure that on the day people do come across difficult situations and operations that the UK armed forces have gone through in the country or abroad to make sure we and the world are safe.
In addition, we want to demystify the idea that the armed forces are just about one colour. We want to celebrate the multiculturalism within the armed forces.
We have had many opportunities to demonstrate the involvement of people from different background in he armed forces since the WW1. We have been involved in different projects about the WW1 on different aspects.
In this project, we want:
1. To bring about a community exhibition, updating and bringing new panels in which we will showcase the British armed forces success around the world through difficult times.
It will be one of the exhibition but plenty of colours and plenty of images, photos, archive documents to show how hard their work has been and that without them we will never feel safe.
2.We will screen 4 short videos such as British military power 2018, Inside British Army training mission in Kenya.
3. A workshop that will support young people to learn about the recruitment process in the British Army and how to build a career in the Army.
4. Music, food, and soft dring to be served while people are enjoying the exhibition.