Saturday 26 June 2021

Armed Forces Day

London — 26 June 2021

TEDxLambethSalon: Armed Forces Trans-Legacy

1:30 pm to 8:00 pm

I intend to organise a fully-licenced TEDxLambethSalon: Armed Forces Trans-Legacy in Lambeth Town Hall, which is already authorised by TED Talks, to invite 10 expert speakers to give brief, punchy talks about their specialisms on lgbtqia+ and, specifically, the enduring influence of trans personnel’s contribution to the work of the British Armed Forces. These talks will be recorded and uploaded on and the official TEDx YouTube channel, which has over 28 million subscribers. I will ensure public engagement through 15-minute Q&A sessions, networking opportunities during the event as well as interactive activities based around the groundbreaking global service offered by lgbtqia+ figures. Indeed, Alan Turing instantly comes to mind in this regard, while we are already in contact with two Lambeth authors (Will Eaves and Jennifer Hodgson) who have studied his outstanding dedication to saving British civilian and service lives. Additionally, this will build and expand a TEDx community through its celebration of British multi-culturalism, inclusivity and diversity as clearly exemplified by the borough of Lambeth. Obviously, our volunteers will manage marketing, registration, seating, preparation of goodie bags, along with the arrangement of refreshments and other general duties on the day. Indeed, goodie bags will contain a magazine from the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Asiatic Society, alongside selected research papers, speakers’ business cards, and an information pack about events being held following this gathering, amongst other items as listed below. It goes without saying, security measures need to be arranged along with in-depth cleaning, following this event, whereas our already-established partners include Peter Scott-Noble, SimplyJustified Productions, School of Butlers, Manticore Press, Coffee Wake Cup, while our Patron is HRH Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia.

Without any misrepresentation, this project aligns with each of the listed goals outlined on your website. After all, the acronym TED stands for Technology, Education and Design, wherein we are free to discuss these topics and much more along with celebrating innovation, community engagement, cutting-edge research, and theoretical advancement in each particular field discussed. All in all, as our principle sponsor, your organisation would not only be mentioned verbally on stage, as well as our social media platforms, but your logo would also be included on all of the talks published on and the official TEDx YouTube channel.

We will evaluate the project’s social impact by the number of attendees, successfully uploading the recorded talks on and the official TEDx YouTube channel (which has a potential of reaching 28 million subscribers), as well as the overall impact on our audience through an online survey (SurveyMonkey). This questionnaire will include enquiries concerning customer satisfaction, knowledge enrichment, the need to engage further in these fields through future events, not to mention previously ill-defined perspectives that the audience considers worthy of future debate and research, and so on. Of course, these will be shared on our social media platforms (which boasts over 10,000 followers) for virtual conversations within the community and beyond.

Indeed, I have already had the privilege of inviting Captain Ben Brabyn FRSA (former officer in the Royal Marines and previously Head of Level39 in Canary Wharf), John Allison FRGS (24-year veteran in the British Army) as well as Sir David Omand (former Director of GCHQ) to speak to us at previous TEDxLambeth events about their gratitude to the British Armed Forces, which enlightened our audience to these essential fields of civil experience. As such, this project benefits both our audiences (numbering 70 in the venue) alongside the diverse communities within Lambeth and neighbouring boroughs, in addition to giving global voices to specialists who otherwise would not have been heard by appreciative audiences, genuinely interested in their research.

Altogether, we intend to invite a series of prominent lecturers and trans army personnel to contribute as TEDx speakers as well as promote the vital activities of their work overall. Please, find below a preliminary list:

– Will Eaves and Jennifer Hodgson (novelists from Lambeth on the life of Alan Turing)
– Rev Dr David William Parry FRSA FRAS (queer pastor and poet)
– John Allison FRGS (24-year veteran of the Armed Forces)
– Kidane Cousland (winner of the Sword of Honor)
– Capt Hannah Graf (highest-ranking transgender woman)
– Abigail Austen ( first officer in the British Army to begin gender reassignment while in the Army)
– Jake Graf (award-winning actor, director and writer)
– Dr Chris Smith (lecturer and historian)
– Jon Kelly (journalist and historian)
– A. D. Harvey (major historian)

As such, the following contains our planned schedules:

– Confirming our hire of the venue and AV package by way of paying 75% of overall costs: February 29
– Finalising the speakers list: 29 March
– Start advertising and seat reservations: 30 March
– Booking the speakers’ travel and accommodation expenses: 15 April
– Interviewing and finalising volunteers: 1 June
– Confirming and paying an advance to our videographers and photographer: 15 June
– Receipt of an author’s signed books: 20 June
– Buy and prepare goodie bags: 20 June
– Confirming refreshments with the venue: 21 June
– Event date: 26 June

Lastly, our audiences usually include both men, women and lgbtqia+ peoples aged 19 and above, whereas they come from a wide diversity of backgrounds including education, consulting, finance, government, technology, students, business and development.