Saturday 27 June 2020

Armed Forces Day

Carrickfergus — 22 June 2019

The Royal landings 2019 supporting the Armed Forces

9:00 am to 6:00 pm

The Royal landings is an annual event held in Carrickfergus the event is organised by Carrickfergus Historical re-enactment group (CRAG). The group is a community organisation that promotes and preserves the importance of items and events of local historical and cultural significances, we provide education , promoting civic pride and moral, including good relations providing access to opportunity. The event is attended by ex-service members UDR and RIR , Grand orange order lodges, ex-service members, sea cadets, Somme societies men women and Children . This years event is planned over a four day period.

1. Hosting workshops Ireland`s largest ensemble of lambeg drums, with a host of workshops for local children to learn the ancient craft of drum making and the craft of playing the skin.
2. Hosting a mini tattoo in the castle grounds to bring to life the walls of the Norman castle in a fury of military and cultural beats from throughout a four hundred year era.
3. The largest and best attended with up to 5,000 participants attending. A full military re-enactment of the Royal landings at Carrickfergus castle with horse and foot soldiers on parade in full period costume. This will see over 150 period re-enactors from UK, ROI and European regions taking part in a visual spectacle unrivalled anywhere else. The town will be closed to traffic for the full day while the pageant weaves its way through the historic town amid the charming streets of Carrickfergus.
There will be a modern day military display where participants can view.