24 June 2023

Armed Forces Day

Rowington — 24 June 2023

Warwick Armed Forces Cross Country Triathlon World Record Challenge 2023

9:00 am to 4:00 pm
W of Saint Laurence & Old Warwick Rd
Warwick CV35 7AE

Attempting to increase my career fitness endurance challenges and World Records to 725 documented feats covering 9 different sporting disciplines. the outdoor triathlon challenges will involve kayaking , mountain biking and cross country speed marching carrying a weighted back pack. there are two different venues the first is the River Leam Royal Leamington Spa and Rowington Village South Warwickshire, the course record challenge will be judged on the overall times. World Record bodies who recognise these feats are www.recordholdersrepublic.co.uk www.alternativerecords.co.uk
www.world-record-company.com www.RecordSetter.com Please contact me if you require any more information