Saturday 30 June 2018

Armed Forces Day

Watch and Listen

TV and radio advertisements have been produced to help spread the word about the day – encouraging everyone to get involved. Ray Winstone has shown his support for the Armed Forces by very kindly providing the magnificent voice-over in the ads

TV Advert

In the TV advert you will find people who all wear a uniform in their day jobs, drawing a parallel with the uniforms the Armed Forces proudly wear for us.


Radio Advert

In the radio advert, we hear from people about why they will be supporting Armed Forces Day. One man tells us he is supporting Armed Forces Day because “…they protect our way of life, and I want them to be there to look after my grandchildren”. Another says I am going to show my support because “I am proud of what my granddad did in the war”.
Armed Forces Day promotional radio advert – 40 seconds on Soundcloud:


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