29 June 2024

Armed Forces Day


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Licence to use the Armed Forces Day Logo

The Armed Forces Day logo (AFD Logo) provides an opportunity to spread awareness of the campaign through merchandise, posters and social media means, but requires permission from Ministry of Defence (MOD) and your agreement to the following terms of use before a third party can begin using the AFD Logo. These terms are applicable to the AFD logo only, and not to any other MOD logo.

For a limited number of specified uses ONLY, we grant this permission on condition that you accept and agree to the following terms:

Conditions of Use

  1. You shall use the AFD Logo only within your website, your printed publications, or as part of an informational display.

    If you wish to use the AFD Logo on Merchandise, ie any item you wish to sell or give away for money or money’s worth, including raising funds for any purpose for any party, you must first contact DIPR-Merch@mod.uk for advice and guidance.

  2. If you wish to use the AFD Logo for any other purpose other than those that have been set out in the guidance available in the hyperlink below, or as set out here, you must contact Defence Intellectual Property Rights (DIPR) using DIPR-CC@MOD.UK in the first instance. Any other type of use than that permitted within these terms will require formal written permission by DIPR, and may carry a fee.
  3. You shall use the AFD Logo only as an illustration, to refer visually to the campaign to which the AFD Logo relates. The reference should be to the campaign itself and not to a separate charity or association as Armed Forces Day is a charity neutral campaign.
  4. You shall not use the AFD Logo in any way than might indicate that we are solely or jointly responsible for your organisation, products, services, website or publications.
  5. You must not use the AFD Logo:
    • as your own logo;
    • in combination with, or as a part of your name or logo;
    • with equal or greater prominence to that afforded to your own logo;
    • in the “header” or “footer” sections of your website;
    • on any notepaper, e-mails, invoices or other such communications; or on signage other than as part of an informational display without sufficient context to indicate the purpose for its use.
  6. You shall not use or reproduce the AFD Logo in a manner suggestive of our endorsement of your organisation, products, services, website or publications. In particular you must not use the AFD Logo:
    • to illustrate that we purchase your products or services (ie that you are a supplier or are otherwise under contract); or
    • to illustrate that your products or services are suitable for, or are targeted to, the MOD, its sub-units, or its staff.
  7. You shall always use or reproduce the AFD Logo in its entirety without any alteration or addition.
  8. Your use of the AFD Logo must not adversely affect our rights in our Logo including its ability to serve as a trade mark, or adversely affect our reputation.
  9. You shall follow any reasonable instruction we give at any time concerning the use of the AFD Logo.
  10. Termination of this Licence

  11. We reserve the sole right to determine whether the terms of this licence have been complied with and to terminate the licence immediately in the case of breach.
  12. We may otherwise terminate this licence on giving 30 days notice without giving any specific reason.
  13. We may update this Licence Agreement with new terms, which shall have effect from the sooner of 1) the day on which you are notified of these changes, or 2) from the 30th day of our publication of these changes.
  14. The licence shall terminate if the objectives or responsibilities of your organisation change, or if you become insolvent.
  15. Other Legal Matters

  16. The rights granted under this licence are personal to you and you shall not assign or sub-license such rights to others or permit others to use or reproduce our Logo in any way.
  17. We give no warranties with respect to the suitability of our Logo for any purpose.
  18. You shall indemnify us against any loss or claims arising from your use of our Logo. This obligation shall continue for a period of seven years following the termination of this Licence.
  19. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and the parties shall submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

If you wish to use any other MOD logos, please see our guidance before doing so.