Saturday 27 June 2020

Armed Forces Day

Register Your Event

Guidance on Process

Want to tell the public about your Event?  Register it here and we’ll post it’s details on this website for everyone to see!

What events can register?

Any event that fits-in with the Armed Forces Day campaign theme can be listed! Unsure if yours does?  Well, we’re looking for events that:

  • Are held within 2 weeks of the Armed Forces Day, including the weekends (e.g. for 2020, Armed Forces Day is on Saturday 27 June, so that’s Saturday 20 June – Sunday 5 July)
  • Have ‘Armed Forces’ in the event title
  • Are relevant to today’s serving Armed Forces
  • Have free access to members of the ‘Armed Forces Family’ – Serving personnel, Veterans, Cadets and their Families (though charges may be made for parking, programs etc..)
  • Are not centred around Fundraising or Recruitment

How do I register?

To register your event you need to tell us the following:

  • The event name
  • The location/address of your event
  • Contact details of the event organiser
  • Date, start and finish time of the event
  • A bit more about what attendees should expect from the event

Remember to make your description as interesting as possible. Include what you have planned, whether any charities are involved and how much fun attendees will have should they choose to attend your event.

Think about:

  • Parking information
  • Disabled access information
  • How to access the site (e.g. nearest bus or train station)
  • Specific timings for displays and shows

Once you’ve submitted your event, we’ll check to see if it fits our event terms and conditions, if it does we’ll add it to our map.

Apply for funding

Once you’ve registered your event, you will receive a confirmation email within three working days. This email contains a link to submit an application for funding. Visit the Apply For Funding page for full details.

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