Saturday 25 June 2022

Armed Forces Day

Learning Resources

There are lots of pre-existing educational resources available for schools and parents on the topic of the Armed Forces, past and present. We’ve compiled a selection of website links and downloadable resources suitable for students of all ages. Explore the history of our Armed Forces, take part in digital tours and revel in real-life training.

Click the links below to find out more.

Science and engineering:

  • Take part in the British Army’s real-life training. From fighting cyber security to army training and catching the hacker.

  • Complete Cadet Command tasks, like creating lego models, cardboard bridges and a challenging blindfolded task.

  • Explore the science behind parachutes, crack Morse Code and take part in a jungle survival quiz.


  • Find out more about the history of the Royal Navy, including a sailor’s food rations and uniform.

  • Learn about key events, like The Battle of Britain and WW2.

  • Read stories from the past.

  • Teach the importance of remembrance, using resources like videos, fact files, music and books.

  • Enjoy a range of downloadable resources, from finding the Lancaster Bomber, to amazing inventions and real-life stories.


  • Arrange a workshop with the Army Outreach Team.

  • Arrange an interactive lesson with the Royal Navy Museum.

  • Visit the Royal Air Force Museum.

Digital Tours: 

  • Take part in digital tours of trails, expeditions and museums.