29 June 2024

Armed Forces Day

Event Funding

Grant applications for 2024 are now CLOSED, please do not submit as your application will not be processed. If you have had any problems completing your application please email the AFD team at: armedforcesday-events@mod.gov.uk

The Ministry of Defence offers a grant for Armed Forces Day events up to the value of £10,000, depending on the size and format of the event. This grant is match-funded and can cover up to half the total cost of the event. For example, If the total cost of the event is £10,000 and you raise £5,000, the grant could cover up to £5,000.

To apply for this grant, you must first register your event on the Armed Forces Day website.

Ministry of Defence funding cannot be used to pay for:

    • hospitality, including food, drinks and accommodation
    • military assets, including displays, equipment or military vehicles
    • entertainment, such as bands or musicians, films or other entertainment military or otherwise
    • transport for guests or organisers to or from the event
    • VAT

Ministry of Defence funding can be used to pay for:

    • road closures required to hold an event, including to allow for parades and marches
    • decorations, flags and banners
    • local or national newspapers and radio advertisements to promote the event
    • marshalling, security and first aid arrangements for the event
    • insurance
    • PA and communications systems such as hand-held radios or other forms of communication for event organisers

More information

It can take up to three working days for an event to be approved and your confirmation email to be sent. If you have not received your email after three working days, please email the team.

You can check the status of your application at any time using the link in your email.

Keep a record of the postcode you use to register the event. You must use this postcode to log into the grant page, otherwise our security measures will prevent you from checking the status of your application.

How to apply for an Armed Forces Day grant

If you are interested in applying for a grant, below is a guide to direct you through the

  • Click on the link in your confirmation email.
    The link to apply for a grant will be included in the email you receive confirming your
    event is live on the website. The first step is to click on that link and it will take you
    through to the grant application page.


  • Click on the LEFT HAND blue box.
    Once you’ve clicked on the link, you will be taken to a page with two blue boxes. The
    One on the Left will be “First time applying for a grant this year? Click here to
    register.” The one on the right will say “Returning to manage an existing
    application? Click here to sign in.” If you have not applied for a grant this year, click
    the left-hand box. Even if you applied last year, you still need the left-hand box.


  • Confirm your details
    You will be asked to confirm certain details including the post code of your event.
    Please note that your link is specific to your postcode, so you must use the original
    postcode you registered your event with.


  • Start the application
    Once you have confirmed your details, you can then start answering the questions
    on the application form. Include information about any regiments, squadrons or
    units in attendance, vehicles, equipment, military displays, cadet units and any other
    events or displays going on at Armed Forces Day. Please take special care in
    explaining the organisational structure of your event. This is your chance to sell your
    event so include as much relevant information as you can; your event could be
    fantastic however it won’t qualify for much funding if there is nothing for the Armed
    Forces Day Team to vet!


  • Submit your application
    Once you are satisfied that you have answered questions as fully as possible, submit
    your application. This will then come through to the Armed Forces Day Grants Team
    who will vet your application and based on the strength of your application a grant
    amount will be offered.

Points to Note

If you have registered your event and not received your confirmation email, please be patient. It can take some time for an event to be approved. You should however receive an automated email confirming the registration process was successful.  If it is taking longer than usual or you believe the email may not have been sent, please contact the Armed Forces Day team and they will assist you.

You must use the postcode you originally registered the event with to log in to the grant page. Because the link is generated using your postcode, using a different postcode will cause the security measures to activate and it will prevent you from going any further with the grant application.

You can check on the status of your application using the original grant application link you received and clicking this time on the right-hand box as you are returning to manage an existing application. The various stages are all published automatically so it will be up to date and in real time.

Grant applications cannot be changed once they’ve been submitted. Please therefore make absolutely certain you are happy with your submission before you click submit as the strength of this application is the only thing that will be used to allocate funding.

You will need to provide invoices for all costs being covered by an Armed Forces Day grant. Please note VAT cannot be funded so please make sure your invoices show the figure pre-VAT. A guide to submitting invoices can be be found here.

Prior to forwarding invoices to the Armed Forces Day Team you will require a DUNS number. This can be acquired via the following link: Dun & Bradstreet – Accelerate Growth and Improve Business Performance (dnb.com)

By accepting the grant, you are agreeing to the MOD grant process. If you have any questions, then please contact the Armed Forces Day Team.

Grant Terms and Conditions

Grant Terms and Conditions will be sent alongside a confirmation email of a grant being accepted. The Grant Agreement Letter needs to be signed alongside appropriate annexes. Once completed please send a scanned copy of the grant agreement to ARMEDFORCESDAY-Events@mod.gov.uk