27 June 2015

Armed Forces Day


'British Sniper'.

Picture by LCpl Thomas Evans

A sniper with 1 Rifles targets the 'enemy' during an exercise on Otterburn Ranges in Northumberland. British Army snipers are among the best trained in the world. Find out more at www.army.mod.uk/rolefinder/role/200/sniper Picture by LCpl Thomas Evans

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Good luck to the two transatlantic rowers in distress who were given new supplies by Royal Navy HMS Portland! ...

HMS Portland aids transatlantic rowers miles from final destination Two transatlantic rowers who had not eaten for 20 days since running out of supplies were given a boost by the Royal Navy who answered their distress call. Read more about what happened when HMS Portland answered their call at ow.ly/RraVt

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Top Dogs: Celebrate National Dog Day with us and show your appreciation for our military canines.... ...

We train and deploy with military working dogs because they protect us, save lives and are a central part of the team. Their qualities are vital to our missions. Today we salute them on National Dog Day. Find out more: www.army.mod.uk/medical-services/veterinary/30499.aspx #NationalDogDay

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