29 June 2024

Armed Forces Day

Cleethorpes — 29 June 2024

Armed Forces Day North East Lincolnshire 2024

10:00 am to 11:00 pm
DN35 8LL
United Kingdom

Armed Forces Day within Northern Lincolnshire is held over a ‘whole weekend’ due to the large number of visitors attending, hosted at Cleethorpes and has consistently attracted over 200,000 visitors, which we believe for 2024 will exceed this number given the potential high-profile assets, which are likely to appear. We commence the weekend with a build-up during the afternoon across the whole resort with a large community carnival on the Friday evening; leading into full a programme of band/live music stage performances. Saturday events start at 1000 and runs through to 2330 with military parade with bands, air displays and military ground assets culminating with a full firework display and substantial programme of patriotic music to end the day. Sunday programme commences at 1000 and again will see large air display, military ground assets, markets, community activities and entertainment across the whole seafront of Cleethorpes. The Armed Forces Major Events Team (AFMET) are best known for our delivery of the largest armed forces weekend in the region, and we know exceeds the best National Armed Forces Day in terms of attendance anywhere in England. We have consistently attracted a very large number of visitors to the Borough of North East Lincolnshire adding massive commercial benefit to the area, through attracting and bolstering the local economy. The effect is amazing particularly given it is organised entirely by a dedicated group of ‘unpaid’ volunteers. We have only one aim which is to support all members of our armed forces, those serving, injured veterans and their families and to uphold the ‘esteem’ in which our armed forces are held.
Footnote: We support our armed forces community not for a weekend, but throughout the year offering facilities within our HIVE as a one-stop-shop where our community comes together to receive direct support provided by professional services under one roof. We are proud of the fact we are the catalyst in bringing together our civil and military communities throughout the year and work tirelessly to ensure that this works for all. As you look through the information provided on our website (armedforcsnortheastlincolnshire.co.uk) you recognise that this is a combined effort by a number of agencies working for the common good and delivering outstanding services to the armed forces community in recognition of their endeavours, sacrifices and exceptional works they do on behalf of our Nation.