29 June 2024

Armed Forces Day

Bridlington — 22 June 2024

Bridlington Armed Forces and Community Day

10:00 am to 4:00 pm
South Marine Drive
East Riding of Yorkshire
YO15 3JJ
United Kingdom

Bridlington Armed Forces and Community day has been singularly led previously meaning it has been small in stature due to time and skills constraints. Through an Informal partnership of Martin Barmby Co Ordinator, M.A.S.H, Bob Taylor and Sgt Gordon Moore we are looking to expand the AFCD and include more Military support organisations, local and national, provision of more military themed activities and events which will be aimed at all various ages. The celebration will also ensure that those within the Armed Forces Community can see and engage with support partners.

The larger promotion, lead up and the day itself aims to honour military service, boost morale, and foster public support. Through community engagement and larger activities throughout the day, it will educate the public, showcase traditions, and contribute to recruitment. The day will promote unity, recognising the sacrifices and contributions of the armed forces to the country’s Defence.
The community engagement activities, will allow the general public to interact with military personnel. This interaction will help bridge the gap between the military and civilian communities, promoting better understanding and appreciation. The public acknowledgment of their contributions will have a positive impact on the well-being and motivation of those past and present with in the armed forces. Help the public understand the roles, responsibilities, and challenges faced by the armed forces.

Evidence of the need has been seen from the previous events community engagement. Increased attendance and positive feedback from past events. We have seen greater expressions of community support, greater collaboration with Defence School of Transport and greater footprint within the veteran’s community. Those in attendance last year had also travelled from outside the region and an expansion can see an even greater presence. The presence of a significant military population coupled with a strong tradition of military service within Bridlington and the surrounding areas has the highest number of veterans within the East Riding. The working groups experience/skills set has seen us plan for multiple military vehicles Tracked/Wheeled, Applications for Red Devils, Band of the Royal Marines, military wives Choir, Red arrows have been submitted, 300 legion motor bikers in attendance, GXO computorised Driver training vehicle, Gurkha regiment with traditional dance and public engagement, Climbing walls, air soft, trailer for Bridlington Gold Radio, Provide reminiscence opportunities with war time themed singer and movie in the theatre within the Spa, provision of German food Bratwursts/currywursts to target those in service within the British Army on the Rhine period, access to deactivated small arms from a period of over 100 years. The provision of a varied day of activities, support partners local and national and educational establishments in attendance. The activities and days events have been selected after consultation within different areas of the Armed Forces Community. Literature will be produced accompanying the day with a schedule of events.

An opportunity to recognise the dedication and service of active-duty personnel. Boost morale and provide a sense of acknowledgment for their sacrifices. Access local groups and activities to remove isolation for families whilst partner deployed The day will bring attention to the sacrifices and challenges faced by military families.
veterans to connect with each other and share their experiences, combat social isolation along with access to various organisations that offer differing support.
Organizations that support the military will use the occasion to raise awareness for their causes and create networking links across a broader area.
For individuals who are patriotic and supportive of the military, The day will provide an opportunity to express their gratitude/appreciation for the armed forces. Those within the community who are not aware of the Armed Forces contributions and sacrifices will have an opportunity to speak to veterans/serving personnel developing an understanding and empathy for the roles played by all within the Armed Forces Community.
Potential Volunteers will see new opportunities or see the benefit of volunteering agreeing to dedicate their time to local organisations. As the event will have stalls from local/national organisations both military and local groups who provide vital hardship/support and friendship