29 June 2024

Armed Forces Day


Will match funded grants still be available for Regional Hosts in 2024?

YES, match funded grants will be made available from 01 April 2024 once all events have been published. The deadline closes on 01 March 2024 so please be patient, and once you have received your grant link please feel free to apply

How can I register my event?

You can register your event through the Armed Forces Day (AFD) website, under the get involved tab. If you have not registered an event before, please sign up and create a log in, if you have previously submitted events please sign into your existing account.

What is the expected timeframe between registering my event and receiving confirmation of grant funding?

You can register an event from 01 January until 01 March 2024. The MOD grant team then have 4 weeks to publish all events and generate a confirmation link which includes a link inviting you to apply for a grant. Once received you have until 01 April 2024 to apply for a match funded grant. Once submitted you will be notified by 01 May 2024 of the grant amount you have been awarded. Once your event has concluded (typically at the end of June) please upload your cover letter and invoices using the template provided on the AFD portal, following the direction on the invoicing page. You will receive your grant payment by the deadline of 01 November.

What do I need to submit to receive my grant?

You will need to upload a cover leter on headed paper, addressed to MOD including the organisers address. This cover letter must include:

  • Title of event
  • Grant ID
  • Date of invoice
  • Grant amount
  • Bank details and confirmation of credit card payment
  • Email address and contact information.

In addition to this you will need to evidence all eligable spending and upload invoices onto your AFD portal. Remember MOD do not pay VAT!

When can I submit my eligible spending & invoices?

Eligible spending, invoices and cover letter can be submitted as soon as your AFD event has concluded. Payments will be made via credit card as first choice, however if credit card payments are not accepted BACS can be used. Payments will be made between 01 July-01 Nov 2024.